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Black Mass is a richly populated ensemble, including Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch and Julianne Nicholson. But Depp's Bulger is the centrepiece of the film, and it has prompted predictions of an Oscar nomination for Depp. In a joint interview with Cooper, the director of Crazy Heart and Out of...

'Black Mass' Review: Johnny Depp Soars as Whitey Bulger in Scott ... Sep 4, 2015 ... Johnny Depp does career-best work as notorious Boston gangster James ... (a la Jack Nicholson in “The Departed”), but instead emerges as a ... 'Black Mass' Review: True and Terrifying Crime, With a Depp Charge ... Sep 17, 2015 ... Watch a film clip from "Black Mass," starring Johnny Depp, Joel Edgerton ... And though Jack Nicholson gave a marvelous performance as a ... Boston awaits release of new Bulger movie 'Black Mass' - El Paso Times Sep 7, 2015 ... "Black Mass," starring Johnny Depp as Bulger, is the latest of more than a ... in which Jack Nicholson's character was loosely based on Bulger. Review: Johnny Depp terrifies in 'Black Mass' – The Mercury News

Slain gangster Whitey Bulger hated Johnny Depp’s portrayal ...

Of Rats and Men: “Black Mass” vs. “The Departed” | Balder Sep 28, 2015 · While “Black Mass” pays lip service during its liturgy and is headlined by Whitey Bulger as Dracula, “The Departed”’s fanciful appropriation of Bulger is even more in line with Bram Stoker’s imagining of Vlad the Impaler as a supernatural nobleman; Bulger’s soul transmigrating from Jack Nicholson’s leering smile to the Black Mass features an understated gangster turn from Based on the true story of James “Whitey” Bulger, the South Boston hood who inspired Jack Nicholson’s character in The Departed, it chronicles how Bulger (Johnny Depp) was able to stay out of prison because the FBI, led by Agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton), uses him as an informant to help take down the Italian mafia out of North Boston.

Check out the first official image of Johnny Depp as notorious crime boss Whitey Bulger in director Scott Cooper's upcoming drama Black Mass.

Sľubná gangsterka Black Mass s Johnnym Deppom s nádielkou V prípade, že nie, môžete to veľmi rýchlo napraviť tu a tu, pretože Johnny Depp (Mortdecai, Transcendence) vyzerá v traileroch skutočne fantasticky a všetko nasvedčuje tomu, že sa dočkáme naozaj výnimočného počinu. Film: Johnny Depp kolekce (Tim Burton a Scott Cooper) (DVD Film: Johnny Depp kolekce (Tim Burton a Scott Cooper) (DVD). Nakupujte filmy online ve vašem oblíbeném knihkupectví!

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp cosy on Black Mass set: Actress unfazed by his Jack Nicholson-style costume. The megastar was dressed as real life mobster Whitey Bulger, complete with combover and ...

BLACK MASS, Johnny Depp, as Whitey Bulger, 2015. ©Warner Bros. Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection ... Jack Nicholson did a fictional take on Bulger in 2006’s Oscar-winning The Departed ... Slain gangster Whitey Bulger hated Johnny Depp’s portrayal ... Boston gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, who was reportedly killed on Tuesday, hated star Johnny Depp’s portrayal of him in the 2015 crime drama, Black Mass.