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If you mean the maximum default, it is 100 but this is probably talking about the absolute maximum that you can obtain with money which is 270 total the last time I checked which is insane since there are "only" 167 ships. You will almost never have doubles of a ship but I keep multiple SS around for expeditions and leveling. Tutorial: FAQ - Kancolle Wiki If you wish to expand your docks so you can collect more ships, you have to buy a port expansion from the cash shop. Each expansion costs 1000 yen, and increases the maximum ship limit by 10 and the maximum equipment limit by 40. Refer to this pastebin for more information on hating your wallet. Ship Slots Kancolle - What does a typical day of a Slot ... Ship Slots Kancolle - What does a typical day of a Slot Machine Technician on-board a cruise ship look like? Cruise ship employment application form. Considering their low plane slots, avoid equipping Seaplane Bombers when dealing It also means that you are now preparing to take KanColle seriously and playing. Ship Slots Kancolle - ship slots kancolle - Simplified resources: Kancolles four resources are simplified to Fuel and Gold in Azur Lane. Fuel is the only resource consumed in sorties while Gold is used for various things like upgrading equipment, limit breaking ships or buying things from shop.Nov 11, 2017 · Ive not bought a single port slot and currently have 76 ships and 19 free slots.

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Land Base Aerial Support | Kancolle Wiki | Fandom powered by Land Base Aerial Support (abbreviated as LBAS) is a system introduced in the May 2nd-3rd 2016 update along with the Spring 2016 Event, which enables seaplane, carrier-based, and land-based aircraft (but not Autogyro/Liaison Aircraft) to be … Kantai Collection / YMMV - TV Tropes

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Fitting ships - UniWiki - Eve University Finally, armor-tanking gun-ships with lots of mid-slots should consider a Tracking Computer in one or perhaps two of them. Nearly all PvP ships should give a single mid slot over to a propulsion module, something to increase your ship's speed. You must choose between a Microwarpdrive (MWD) or Afterburner (AB). A MWD allows greater ... Kantai Collection - Wikipedia Kantai Collection (艦隊これくしょん, Kantai Korekushon, lit. "Fleet Collection", subtitled as ... Originally, all of these were Japanese, but as the game has developed, ships from other nations have also been added. ... Players can choose to engage in expeditions, sorties and quests to further increase their supplies as well. Increasing ship inventory limit | Kancolle Wiki | FANDOM powered ...

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Taihou | Kancolle Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia Appearance Has golden/light-brown eyes and medium-length brown hair with bangs over her forehead. She also wears a headband with two horn-like protrusions on either side., Dresses in a white long-sleeved bolero that exposes the armpits … Katsuragi | Kancolle Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia Appearance Unlike previous carriers portrayed as archers like Akagi, or shikigami-using onmyouji like her sister ships Unryuu and Amagi, Katsuragi uses a bow (specifically an azusayumi, or Shinto ceremonial bow) combined with shikigami to … Game Update/Maintenance 6th June Whale patch [Archive